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We are one of two licensed cannabis stores in Hamilton


We are one of only 25 licensed cannabis retail stores in Ontario and as a pioneering store in the new legal market, our goal is to set a standard for cannabis retail that inspires the acceptance of cannabis in our community. Our hope is that by redefining the experience of purchasing cannabis, we can help dissolve the negative stigma associated with cannabis.

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To do this, we are doing two things.


First, we are building an in store atmosphere around the tenets of positivity, openness and education.

Simply put, when you walk in the doors, we want you to feel as welcome as you would in your own home.


Second, we are striving to be a stalwart member of the community by:


Operating a sustainable business with as low of an environmental impact as possible

through the implementation of 100% recycled paper bags and a free to use recycling program.


Operating a certified Living Wage organization, which means we provide

compensation above and beyond the living wage to our staff and all of our contractors


Supporting the arts and culture of our community through

various initiatives aimed at Hamilton's artists.




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Our Story

We opened on April 26th, 2019 at 11 am.

Well, truth be told, we were a little bit delayed and opened our doors closer to 11:45.

That’s about the time we met Lex Steenkist.

We’d seen Lex patiently waiting outside our store as we fixed some last minute kinks before we could serve our first customer. He waited and waited until we finally announced that we were ready to open our doors.

Mr. Steenkist hurried towards the door and beat out the others to be the first in line.

We didn’t know it, but for Mr. Steenkist, that day was as special as it was for us.

‘I’ve been waiting for this moment since 1966’, the Hamilton native told us.

A moment like that put all of this into context. Our store was a milestone for people who had waited their entire lives for cannabis to be treated with respect, and we’ll never ever forget that.

With them in mind, it is our goal to continue to destigmatize cannabis in this community, and do our part to raise acceptance around the world. We know we the incredible privilege that’s been given to us in becoming one of Ontario’s first retail cannabis stores.

We’re going to do our best to build the world’s most positive cannabis retail experience.

Our Story

Our Beliefs

We believe in three core principles.



Sell the highest quality product


Foster excellence in team members


Serve and support the community



We strive to serve the highest quality product that we can and every single product that we carry can be sourced straight back to a licensed production facility.


Team Excellence


We foster excellence in our team members by firstly ensuring that we are committed to our Living Wage Certification by compensating staff and contractors over and above the living wage, and secondly by providing education & training that will help them develop their own skill sets and serve our customers in a better way.




We are passionate about this community so we have cemented low impact, environmentally friendly business practices into our operations and we are striving to grow local arts and culture by supporting artists through a variety of initiatives.

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